Flowers and plants

At our Garden Centre you will find all varieties of flowers and plants for either indoors or outdoors, cactus and agave, or aquatic plants. 
We offer a complete service with the option of transport and planting of the specimens, as well as comprehensive advice depending on the species e.g. season for pruning, transplanting or manuring, maintenance, etc. …

Spring flowers:

roses, demorphotheca, carnations, lilies, petunias, alheli, calla, freesia, gerbera, maragarita, …

Summer flowers:

portulaca, vinca, tegetes, cosmos, groundsel, lobelia, impatiens, marigold, zinnia, agapanthus, dahlias, arctotis, geranium, gazania, asteriscus, lantana, …

Autumn-winter flowers:

chrysanthemum, viola, ajani, iris, daffodils, anemones, heather, crocus, viburnum, cyclamen, …

Exotic plants:

hibiscus, alpinia, strelitzia, philodendro, schefflera, yucca, bamboo, crinium, cyca, plumeria, dracena, …

Mediterranean plants:

rosemary, lavender, helichrisum, santolina, Atriplex, Limoniastru, ….

Climbing plants:

bougainvillea, jasmine, bignonia, passiflora, diplademia, plumbago, …

Woody plants:

oleander, eleagnus, pittosporum, polygala, letisco, westringia, metrosiderio, …

Aromatic herbs:

mint, lemon, verbena, oregano, marjoram, cilantro, parsley, …

Aquatic plants:

nenunfar, lotus, papyrus, iris, …

Fat plants - cactus:

agave, echinocactus, euphorbia, pachicereus, aloe, aenium, …
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Garden Maintenance

The good health of a garden depends upon the maintenance. Proper care ensures that it matures and becomes more beautiful.
 Our professional gardeners are happy to visit you at your home to advise on your individually customized garden.
Maintenance adapts to the needs of your garden and, of course, your budget.

Simply arrange an appointment with us

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Design and garden projects

We are specialists in garden design and projects and adapt to all types of soils, slopes, small gardens, organic gardens, ponds, budgets, tastes and needs. Our extensive experience also enables us to design on a large scale, such as hotel gardens, beach resorts or clubs.
We visit you and analyse each case, presenting you with a study including “before” and “after” impressions.

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Decoration and indoor and outdoor furniture

The latest trends combine modern design with creations from the past. We have a large stock of colonial-style furniture for both indoor and outdoor use with unique pieces. Restored doors and gates, Balinese beds, cabinets, sofas, tables, desks, parasols, drawers, chandeliers, benches, buddhas of stone or wood, lamps, fountains, hammocks, trunks, gazebos, Bali pots … everything you can imagine and desire to dress and decorate your home and, of course, if you wish we will deliver them to your home.

Visit our photo gallery for inspiration

We have a wide range of pots in all sorts of materials and designs such as: classic, modern, designer, clay, stoneware, enameled, plastic, wooden boxes … for all tastes and needs.

Natural Fences: wicker, reed, bamboo, heather

Plastic Fences: shade nets, concealment, against weeds…

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We would like to hear from you. Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.

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Trees, palms, bonsai

Pome fruit (with stone):

apple, plum, cherry, peach, apricot …

Citrus fruit:

orange, lemon, mandarin, lime, grapefruit, limequat, kumquat …

Mediterranean fruit:

almond, pomegranate, olive, fig, jujube …

Ornamental trees:

jacaranda, mimosa, choricia, false pepper, Brachychiton, Parkinsonia …


pine, cypress semprevirens, thuja, c. arizonica, c. lambertiana, c. leylandi …


phoenix, Canary Island, ph, date palm, Washingtonia, syagruss, kentia, livistonia, chamareops, Bismarckia, Archontophoenix …


Ficus microcarpa, olive, ficus benjamina, ficus panda …

Unique trees:

olive trees, bonsai of 2 m in height, ficus …

Visit our large tree and palm area

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We bring your purchases home. Please see our rates.

What plants should I get? How do I care for them? What’s wrong with my plant? We are at your service every day. Just come and ask.

Do you need plants for weddings, exhibitions, events, etc …? Please see our rental conditions.

A professional will make a home visit to answer questions you might have about caring for your garden. Please call for an appointment.

If you are traveling, or during a prolonged absence…

In addition:
– We help you load your car
– We put the plant in the pot of your choice.
– Prepare your plants for gifts.
– Personal advice (bring your plant and we will give you the appropriate diagnosis and treatment).

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Lawn / soil

Lawn, turf, campus, seeds … we have all of the solutions for lawns, both for sporting and ornamental use.
If you don’t want to wait until it grows from seed, we will install the lawn using turf.

Aggregates and decorative stones
A good foundation is essential to the soil of your garden. There are many types of flooring and stones of different colours, textures and sizes that provide this special note of colour and decoration. Soft flooring also promotes water drainage to the ground, avoiding runoff.
We have a wide selection of aggregates and stones that can be used in the design and construction of your garden.

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Soils and fertilizers

We have a wide variety of soil blends and fertilizers for each specific task in your garden:

Organic fertilizers:
• Compost
• Peat Humus
• Other organic fertilizers

Chemical Fertilizers:
• Mineral fertilizers
• Slow-release fertilizers
• Correction of deficiencies

Plant protection products:
Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, supplements, healing and an ecological section with the best products from Germany amongst others.

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