The latest trends combine modern design with creations from the past. We have a large stock of colonial-style furniture for both indoor and outdoor use with unique pieces. Restored doors and gates, Balinese beds, cabinets, sofas, tables, desks, parasols, drawers, chandeliers, benches, buddhas of stone or wood, lamps, fountains, hammocks, trunks, gazebos, Bali pots … everything you can imagine and desire to dress and decorate your home and, of course, if you wish we will deliver them to your home.

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We have a wide range of pots in all sorts of materials and designs such as: classic, modern, designer, clay, stoneware, enameled, plastic, wooden boxes … for all tastes and needs.

Natural Fences: wicker, reed, bamboo, heather

Plastic Fences: shade nets, concealment, against weeds…